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Vehicle Compatibility

Check Suitability With Your Car
When choosing a child seat it is advisable to check the suitability in your car before you purchase it. The best way to do this is to have it fitted in the car; preferably by someone who has experience of children’s safety in cars, and preferably with your child. 

However, in the event that you cannot try before you buy here are some points that you may find useful. Please note that these are guidelines only and are not a guarantee that the car seat will fit into your car. The only way to know for certain is to have the seat fitted.

Space Requirements
The space needed for rear facing seats can be considerable. Below are the measurements of each car seat and also the room required on the back seat towards the top of the seat. See the pictures for where we measured this. The measurements here were taken in a BMW 3 Series Touring but they will vary a little from car to car.  Measurements were taken in full recline where recline option was available.

Car Seat Width of seat at base Width of seat at back Height of top harness slot Space required in car
BeSafe iZi Combi ISOfix X4 44cm 45cm 36.5cm 81cm
BeSafe iZi Kid i-Size X1 44cm 45cm 36.5cm 81cm
BeSafe iZi Plus 45cm 47cm 38cm 91cm
BeSafe iZi Combi X3 ISOfix 44cm 45cm 36.5cm 81cm
BeSafe iZi Combi X3 44cm 45cm 36.5cm 82cm
BeSafe iZi Kid ISOfix X3 44cm 45cm 36.5cm 81cm
BeSafe iZi Kid X3 44cm 45cm 36.5cm 82cm
Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl 48cm 39cm 38cm 79cm
Axkid Kidzone 41cm 48cm 39cm 82cm
Axkid Minikid 41cm 48cm 39cm 77cm
Concord Reverso 42cm 43cm 37cm 78.5cm
Nuna Rebl 46cm 48cm 38cm 73.5cm
Joie i-Anchor 44cm 42cm 37cm 71.5cm
Cybex Sirona 40cm 41cm 32cm 74cm
Klippan Triofix Recline 40cm 41cm 44cm 84cm
Klippan KISS 2 38cm 44cm 35cm 79cm
Britax DUALFIX 45cm 45cm 38cm 77cm
Britax Max-Fix 45cm 45cm 38cm 76cm
Britax Max-Way 47cm 41cm 38cm 80cm
Britax Multi-Tech II 45cm 48cm 40cm 82cm
Recaro Polaric 44cm 43cm 37cm 82cm
Hauck Varioguard 43cm 41cm 34.5cm 74cm

space required

Underfloor Storage Compartments
Child car seats with support legs should not be fitted into cars where there are underfloor storage boxes or compartments. All of our car seats, except for the Brio Zento, have a support leg and this must sit flush on the solid floor of the vehicle. Some cars, particularly people carriers, have underfloor storage compartments and the support leg must not be placed on top of such a compartment as it is likely that the leg will punch through the floor in an impact.

If your car has underfloor storage compartments (check your car manual if you are unsure) it may still be possible to use a seat with a support leg, but we would have to see the car before making a decision.

Compatibility Lists
Vehicle lists are available on the respective product pages but please note that these lists offer no guarantee. Please visit our showroom where you can try before you buy and to receive full fitting advice. If you are unable to visit Securatot, it may be possible for us to try the seats in a similar vehicle to get an idea of the fit. Please be aware that there can be slight differences from car to car even within the same make and model, so at best this can only be seen as a guideline.