Our Story

When our children were born, like many parents we thought about the first journey home from the hospital. We wanted to keep our children safe and so looked for the best available car seats. We discovered that rear facing seats were not only safest for babies, but also for young children.

We found that in Scandinavian countries which led the way in child safety, most children travel rear facing up to the age of six, and yet there was so little information about it in Britain. At the time it was incredibly difficult to obtain rear facing seats in the UK. Our solution ? We imported them from Sweden for our children. This was the beginnings of Securatot.

The more we learnt about rear facing car seats the more we realised that they save children from serious injury and death. Various studies show that they are up to 5 times safer than forward facing seats. Our passion became an obsession.

Securatot grew from that desire to make children as safe as possible. For many years there were few other people in the UK who advocated extended use of rear facing car seats for small children as well as babies but more recently things have changed. We are so pleased that the tide is turning in the UK, as manufacturers, government agencies and parents are taking note of the overwhelming evidence.

Securatot’s Commitment

Securatot was founded by Jayne and Kirsty, who remain at the heart of the business despite its growth. In the days before children, Jayne worked as a buyer at the Early Learning Centre and was especially interested in child product safety. Kirsty had a career in marketing and business development. They met at antenatal classes and and soon realised that they had a shared obsession with car seats! 

Since importing the first seats for their children they have been on mission to know everything possible about rear facing. They train and work closely with manufacturers across Europe and continue to exhaustively research the subject. They were one of the first pioneers of rear facing in the UK and have been campaigning about car safety ever since. They have advised thousands of parents and fitted thousands of seats. Their energy comes from knowing that rear facing saves lives.

Securatot is absolutely passionate about rear facing car seats. We are totally committed to providing the best possible protection for your child.