Radian 5 Midnight Black

Radian 5 Midnight Black

From birth to 6 years

Key features:
Rear-facing with 5-point harness up to 25kg
Forward-facing with 5-point harness up to 25kg



The Radian 5 is a new seat which provides safety, functionality and convenience. The key benefit of the Radian 5 is the ability to keep your children rear-facing with a 5-point harness, up to 25kg, keeping them in the safest travelling position for longer. When your children are ready to turn forward facing, they will remain in a 5-point harness using the SuperGrip energy-absorbing harness pads which reduce the impact of crash forces.

The Radian 5 is the only car seat that offers rear- and forward-facing in a 5-point harness from birth to 25kg.

The Radian 5 combines a steel frame to create the strongest car seat available together with V3 energy reduction system to provide ultimate protection in all collision situations. Straight sides ensure little ones are contained within the seat and EPP foam absorbs the maximum amount of forces to provide ultimate side-impact protection. Radian 5 provides complete head to hip protection. With memory foam seat padding and a longer seat base, Radian 5 provides ultimate comfort on all journeys. The seat encompasses super-soft fabrics along with an infant cushion and head rest for extra comfort. With two crotch strap positions and five shoulder harness positions you can be confident knowing your child is comfortable and secure.

Extras also include: a cup holder, easy care fabrics and a unique fold flat mechanism for easy transport and storage. You will also benefit from a lifetime warranty covering the life of the seat (ten years) so you can be sure of the quality and durability (registration required).

Additional Features
  • Extended rear-facing capacity up to 25kg
  • Longer forward-facing 5-point harness capacity up to 25kg
  • Steel frame creates the strongest car seat available
  • V3 Energy Reduction System provides ultimate protection in all collision situations – forward, rear, side impact or overturning
  • SuperGrip energy absorbing harness pads significantly reduce the impact of crash forces to the child
  • Deep and straight side walls ensure maximum containment and comfort and provide complete head to hip protection
  • Aluminium reinforced side walls and headrest resist crash forces
  • All round energy absorbing EPP foam