CYBEX Solution M-fix Stardust Black

CYBEX Solution M-fix Stardust Black

From 4 to 12 years

Key features:
Forward facing with ISOfix or seat belt
Side Impact Protection
Reclining headrest
Weight of seat: 7.0kg



A key element in the safety concept of the Solution series is the CYBEX patented, reclining headrest. The 3-position headrest shifts the balance point of the child's head slightly back and keeps it from falling forward when the child is asleep. Especially in the case of a side impact collision the child's sensitive head is optimally protected, as the head remains within the safety zone of the seat.

The Solution M-fix also boasts additional side protectors that are similar to a side airbag - effectively absorbing the energy of a collision, further reinforcing the stability and security of the seat. In the further improved L.S.P. System (Linear Side-impact Protection) of the Solution M-fix the forces of a side impact collision are systematically absorbed in a linear series of reactions including the protective pillow, the side as well as head protectors. At the same time the bodys kinetic energy caused by the impact is absorbed at a very early stage and the head is actively led into a safe position.

The child seats connectors simply snap into the vehicles ISOfix anchorage points. The child is buckled up with the 3-point-belt. The backrest can be reclined with one hand. The connectors can be easily folded away making the seat compatible also with cars not equipped with ISOfix.

Additional Features
  • 11-position height adjustable headrest
  • Reclining backrest
  • Breathable fabric seat covers machine washable at 30C
  • ECE R44-04 approved for forward facing installation group 2/3: 15-36kg
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