Concord REVERSO Plus Black

Concord REVERSO Plus Black

From birth to 4 years

Key features:
Rear facing with ISOfix up to 105cm (approx. 4 years old)



The REVERSO Plus complies with the new i-Size regulation, which allows you to rear-face your child until 105cm or approximately 4 years' of age. Because the seat is i-Size compliant, it may be installed using ISOfix only and your child must remain rear-facing until the minimum age of 15 months (although Securatot recommend using the seat rear-facing until the 105cm is reached for optimum protection). The other main benefit of this seat is that it has also passed the Swedish Plus Test, a very rigorous test that few seats on the market have passed.

The unique feature of this seat is that it is incredibly light (9.9kg). As a result the seat can accommodate a child up to the weight of 23kg; this is the only rear-facing seat currently on the market in a position to do so. This is due to a circular lightweight aluminium protection frame with an internal multifunctional shell, made entirely from shock-absorbing material, offering maximum protection but with minimal weight.

The REVERSO PLUS is suitable from birth. Thanks to the separately cushioned newborn inlay, the seat is a fully fledged cradle for ages up to three/five months. Thereafter, without the inlay, it is suitable for children up to a height of 105cm.

The convenient rotating wheels allow the leg support and, in particular, the angle of sitting or lying to be adjusted. This can even be done comfortably from the driver's seat. As a rule, all the adjustments can be made from all sides and are marked with clear, mechanical red-green indicators, as is the ISOfix mounting.

The user-friendly automatic foot plate adjustment with cushioning is a unique feature. This impact plate, also known as a roll bar, stabilises the seat and is shaped in such a way that children can rest their feet on it. The plate adjusts to the vehicle automatically, making integration and changing vehicles easier.

In general, the CONCORD REVERSO PLUS represents a new generation of rear facing seats. Its clear, tidy design is a visualisation of the new technology.

Additional Features
  • i-Size / Height: up to 105 cm / Weight: up to 23 kg / Age: approx. 4 years.
  • The reboard innovation: extremely safe, extra light (10.9 kg with newborn inlay, only 9.9 kg without inlay).
  • Fulfils the new European i-Size standard and provides the highest standards of safety with minimal weight.
  • Newborn inlay: the seat is a fully fledged cradle for ages up to three/five months.
  • Extremely easy to handle and suitable for children from birth to a height of 105 cm.
  • Pure user comfort: easy adjustment of the seat size or lying position via always accessible rotating wheels.
  • Comfortable positions: particularly large louvres in the rear seat area for optimal air circulation.
  • Light weight protection frame: maximum safety with minimal weight thanks to aluminium frames and multifunctional inner shell.
  • Automatic installation assistance: cushioned foot plate with automatic adjustment to the vehicle seat.

Car seats can not be fitted in the front seat if there is an activated airbag installed!